We believe that God actively participates in our lives, that he is not just some super force up in the sky or heavens somewhere looking down on likes little ants watching us just go about our business but that he wants and loves to intimately get involved in our daily lives because he loves us. It is awesome when God answers our prayers in amazing ways that often exceed our expectations and allow us temporary comfort in this world. I say this because our lives here on earth are temporary and a day will come when we are eternally in his presence and all our afflictions (physical, emotional, spiritual), sorrow, grief, and the like will be no more! Until that day, what he chooses to do in our lives and the lives of those around us is to be a testament to his greatness and to bring honor and glory to him.


Testimony of Prayer

My medical was dropped in January because the state didn't notify us that they stopped taking payments for the medical out of our checking. So, I had been without my medicine for high blood pressure, diabeties, thyroid and depression. With my blood pressure and diabetes out of control I had started feeling bad. I mentioned it to someone at church and she asked someone to come over so they could pray over me to help me feel better and to ask God to help me get my medical back or to heal me; which ever is God's will.
Well, Monday was a holiday and Tuesday morning I recieved a call by my county worker to let me know that they decided to reinstate my medical by paying my premium and this was without having to go before the judge, as I was appealing the decision of dropping my medical. If I had to go through that procedure it could have taken 60 to 90 days for a decision.
God works wonders through prayer.

Wendy Trettel