Our Priorities

This is what we do at the Vineyard. Our priorities and values determine not only what we do, but how we go about doing it. We believe that we should know these things like we know the back of our hands.

Our priorities describe how we spend our time, energy, and money. These are the things we do. Our priorities are based on the Bible, which is the Word of God and is the standard for all that we do at the Vineyard.

The highest priority of God's people is to worship Him. Worship is giving to God what is rightly His, and the most important part of worship is giving God ourselves—surrendering all that we are to Him. We take time, every time we gather together, to express ourselves to Him in heartfelt, intimate worship.

Ministry: As the Holy Spirit empowers us, we want to minister to others out of hearts that are filled with Christ's mercy and compassion. Basically, we want to continue the ministry of Jesus. We believe the Bible calls Christians to a radical commitment called discipleship. This is an unconditional surrender of our whole lives to Christ. We do not do this in a legalistic way or to impress or judge one another. Rather, our surrender to God springs from a response of love and thanksgiving to God, who loved us and gave Himself for us.

God has not created us to follow Him all alone, but in community with one another. Small groups are important at the Vineyard for the simple reason that relationship is important.

Mission: We want to reach out to our larger Twin Ports community in loving and compassionate expressions of Christ's love. We want to impact our community with the freedom and life of Christ. As we follow Jesus together, our focus is outward—helping people connect to God.