2016 Baptism

Holyoke Park (Little Net River), Holyoke, MN

Baptism is an outward sign of what has already taken place within us when we decided to follow Jesus. It is a symbol of much more than a washing away of sin, but of an actual union with Christ. In going under the water, the believer is joining in Jesus’ death on the cross and thus crucifying the “old self” with its bondage to sin and separation from God, no longer having to live in sin but freed to live for Jesus. In coming up out of the water, the believer is uniting with Jesus’ resurrection from the grave, rising to new eternal life with him. As a symbol of our repentance, baptism serves as a clear point of departure between our old and new lives: we are renouncing our former way of life and turning back to God, resolved no longer to live as slaves to sin, but as slaves of Jesus. “You are not your own; you were bought at a price” (1Corinthians 6:19-20).

If you are ready to be baptized, please contact Pastors, Chad or Aubrey, for our Westside Vineyard 2016 baptism that will be held in Little Net Lake. Celebration potluck to follow.

Directions (From WSV):

Due to construction, this is THE best and easiest way to get to the Holyoke Park! FYI, from West side Vineyard, the ride is about 45 minutes.

Grand Ave/MN-23 heading towards Gary New Duluth/Fond du Lac area. Continue to follow MN-23

Turn left onto N Holyoke Dr

Turn slight right to stay on N Holyoke Dr/County Hwy-8.

Turn left onto County Road 8/County Hwy-8.

Cross over the bridge and take first left into park

Town Hall will be open before the baptism at 12:30 (is right down the road from the park on the left side) for those that need to drop food off.