About Us

Who are we? What are we all about? Ah, we are so glad you asked.

We're pretty much a melded community of individuals that simply love God and believe we're called to love people. When we looked up the word "people" in the dictionary, it meant ALL human beings and that includes ALL people groups from ALL walks of life...including you!

We LOVE music and we love worshiping God with it! That includes loud music and soft music. We love tattoos and piercings and we also love those without those things. We love long hair, short hair, and no hair; green, purple, or natural...to us, it doesn't matter. We love those in khakis or suits and we love those with Dickies and boots.

The way we see it, we're ALL equal, on the same level playing field at the foot of the cross. We believe we're all broken in some area of our lives and that God intends to bring healing to us as we seek him. We love learning about Jesus. We're talking about the cool one! The radical one that stirred up so much controversy in his day. Some of us have been kinda "rebellious," so learning about this Jesus character has been pretty intriguing. He came to flip things upside down (or right side up) and that's just what he's done for us.

We're most likely not your grandma's church; then again, she'd probably dig it, as well—so bring her along with you and experience the Westside Vineyard, experience community, and experience God. At least you can say you tried it.

We'd just like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us any Sunday evening to just simply check us out.

P.S. Please just come as you are 'cuz that's exactly what we do.